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It is a big difference between effectively typing with all fingers without watching the keyboard. That requires a lot of practice to learn. A problem becomes when somebody needs to type in other language, especially switching over from Bulgarian Cyrillic to English QWERTY for example. The skills that one has to type in Bulgarian BDS keyboard would be useless. This forced a lot of people to become using the Phonetic Cyrillic which is adaptation of QWERTY.

Here is how looks Bulgarian BDS layout (the standard)


And here how looks the Phonetic adaptation:


As you can see there is no relationship between them. The only letter that is not changed is e. Who is using QWERTY can easy switch over Phonetic BG and use this very low effective keyboard layout. Who is using BDS standard can not write with even similar effectiveness in QWERTY. That is a big problem when someone needs to write in English, French, etc. and cant use its skill.

That is the reason that I created BDS in Latin which make possible to write in Latin using BDS standard:

Some of the keys have 2 and even 3 letters assigned. So using this keyboard is easily to type faster than any QWERTY-ist.

There are some differences but the main letters position is the same. Also this keyboard have some big pluses:

1. you can put an accent over any letter or digit

2. a lot of special symbols to use not limited to what is shown with pressing AltGr (the right Alt key):


The usual PC keyboard uses 2 regimes: small caps and big caps such in the time of typewriting machines. But there are more keys in PC keyboard that we can use and combination: normal, shifted, with altgr (the right alt pressed), altgr+shift, altgr+control, shift+control, control. That is giving us the possibility to add more special symbols like ™, ©, , , , š, ş, apostrophes and 3 types of accents. With such keyboard there is no need to learn 2 keyboards. But some additional practice is required.

Pressing Shift and AltGr:


This keyboard layout gives the ability to write not only in English, but in other languages, that have different some specific letters: Spanish, German, French, even Sweden, Finnish. Of course this BDS in Latin keyboard is mainly for Bulgarians who need to write in English. For German probably we will have to change some of the positions.

* * *

These symbols * are not presented in Bulgarian Standard Layout (BDS keyboard) but I can type them easy with BDSU (BDS Improved). There is no need to switch over to QWERTY for example or BDS in Latin.

Both the keyboard will be ready for download from this site soon.